The Story Race14 1st-pix-#1-25-11 -- 07/25/22
This historic aircraft is looking for a new home with appreciative owner.
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The Story of Race14

!     1-Race14+EDW-300grn the Chequerboard Mustang, Race14, N-335,
Origin and creation of a Dream.

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!     1a..WD- 1965, N335 #14, 1965- Bob Pauley - Copy

I think this is 1968.
Note the lagre fuel tanks just behind Pilot.

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  ! 1a..WD- 1965, N335 #14, 1965- Bob Pauley - Copy.jpg  

This picture: Mira Slovak, Ralph Payne
? I can recognize, but no name -
Is that Jimmy Leeward?
Next to Ormond A. Haydon Baillie

!     2..ACphoto007-28Feb11

We feel Race14 does not only symbolize the American Dream story of our family, but those stories of the WWII generation,
who not only won 4 years of war,
but spent more than 50 years rebuilding the world...
to name a few: Paul H. Poberezny= EAA,
Dianna Bixby = Aviator,
Ed Maloney = Planes of Fame Air Museum
(and Steve I & II Hinton) many more!

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