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My fascination is with the United States, its creation and philosophy - especially the “American Dream”
Yet that Dream is global –
mostly, not so much American as United Statesian.
But of course you can see why we are not United Statesian

!     4 EDW quite young puppy Just a sweet little boy -
Who/what will he become?
  ! 4 EDW quite young puppy.jpg  
Ellis' mother wrote masses of notes. !     4a WSH_EDW08-1934Father-Son inCanoe-14yr-withDAD_jpg His father may play a big part in his future. I do not know. He seems to have disappeared
  ! 4a WSH_EDW08-1934Father-Son inCanoe-14yr-withDAD_jpg.jpg  

Perhaps Ellis started his Dream back in frame #1, but for me,
this starts his story of the American Dream.

We will be looking into Mantz
and many of the connections and motivations in stories that sort of intertwine around each other.

!     3_WSH_EDW17-1938My30-Mantz-OAK-airrace_jpg

Paul Mantz

and Frank Clarke -
Oakland Air Show, 1934 prox

I think Paul Mantz was a major inspiration and idol. ! 3_WSH_EDW17-1938My30-Mantz-OAK-airrace_jpg.jpg You will find Paul Mantz later.
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