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Mira Slovak, Ralph Payne ? Who?? Please tell me? Next to Ormond A. Haydon Baillie
We all love the aircraft and glamour associated. What you see here are the men that make these planes fly – who create the stories of their lives from each individual Dream. Not one of them is perfect, but each in his own way, is creating his own Dream while he supports and helps build the hopes and dreams of most of the world. Few stop to think that the same survivors of WWII did not stop in 1945. They spent the next 40 plus years rebuilding the world with the Freedoms that so many had desired who did not survive. (WWII lasted only 4 years for USA, 6 for Europe, and 8 for China) Ormond Adare Haydon Baillie funniest story teller I’ve ever heard. (one of above is/was a real scoundrel)

We feel Race14 does not just symbolize the American Dream story of our family, but those stories of the WWII generation, who not only won 4-8 years of war, but spent more than 50 years rebuilding the world... to name a few: Paul H. Poberezny= EAA, Dianna Bixby = Aviator, Ed Maloney = Planes of Fame Air Museum (and Steve I&II Hinton) many more!